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Cross Your Heart and Swear to Lie

by Restless Habs

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Drive 04:08
why are we still fighting? i thought we sorted this out long ago. and I’d swear that you’re still lying. though to what end I know I’ll never know. and I’ve tried for ever oh so long to calmly keep the peace inside my head. and you know I love you. but you know I’d love to drive out of this town. no one here but you to keep me down. drive out of this town. there’s no escaping from here now. i think I got the cancer. you must have passed it to me from your lips. and everyone’s got answers. i hope that mine suffice to pass the test.
Lovers' Leap 04:03
set yourself on fire and jumped off lovers’ leap today. the past is all a lie that’s just the ugly truth. it was the kind of thing that shouldn’t be built on distraction. it was a pretty little tragedy waiting to happen. in the end it was all it was ever going to be. something just short of a total catastrohe. sometimes the best that you can do is just not fall apart. just not fall apart. just not fall apart. it wasn’t planned out how it all came to a head this way. it got out of hand like these things often do. who would have thought that such a little thing could force that reaction. who ever knows when an explosive gets pushed into action. so unnerving to be out from under it. agoraphobic for the very first time. no one saw you, you got away with it. there’s no need to run for your life. don’t you look so surprised at the violence you held inside. shining blue blackened eyes. those bloody hands become you.
on your tongue at the tip. moving over your lips. this isn’t even about this. be sure to beware. the end of affairs. often start at this precipice. unconcerned with ignorance the deepest love will bloom. all world class pessimists have known this to be true. and if you cross your heart and swear to lie i’ll do the same for you. can’t afford the luxuries of honesty, fidelity and truth. speaking in code. a warning signal. a veiled threat of commitment. an obvious theme. don’t say what you mean. unless you seek disappointment. fabrication is an art the ties that bind the glue that holds together one less pair of lonely hearts. count your lucky stars. that our weakness is enough to prevent one more pair of broken hearts.
Lorraine 03:32
think I miss you, think I dont want you back. when you left was perfect and for best. i remember how you looked and how you smelled, when you left was perfect and for best. to imagine what the walls could say or maybe what they wouldn’t tell. all my memories are faint and i dont think i’d recognize you. please stay. speak to me lorraine. years are changing how I look back on the times. when you left was perfect and for best. all the solace i gained from you disappeared. when you left was perfect and for best so tell me what its like what it feels to be silent and cold. so tell me. tell me.


All Songs 2011 Rocketpop Songs (BMI)


released May 21, 2011

Ken Blaze - Bass/Vocals
Eric Vogt - Drums
Peter Woodward - Guitar/Vocals

Produced by Restless Habs
Recorded and Engineered by Peter Woodward
Mastered by Adam Boose @ Cauliflower Audio


all rights reserved



Restless Habs Lakewood, Ohio


Anthony Panico - drums

Ken Blaze - Bass, Vocals

Pete Woodward - Guitar, Vocals

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